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Your MRI Services Features & Benefits

Advanced Physicians has chosen Siemens MRI technology. For most MRIs, the Siemens technology and design eliminates the need for your entire body and head to be enclosed during the scan. Many patients tell us it’s the most comfortable MRI experience they have ever had.
The Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto technology assures the highest level of imaging clarity. Image quality plays a key role in your diagnosis, making the Siemens a favorite of leading radiologists and surgeons.

The Siemens short-bore technology offers patients “ease of use” with a 205cm whole-body capacity (about 6ft 6in). Typically, patients do not need to be repositioned for a series of scans.

Eliminate the extra time and delays with your diagnosis and treatment with your same day MRI at Advanced Physicians.
Many physicians will not accept open MRI scans due to quality concerns. Your Advanced Physicians MRI provides the open feeling but assures a high quality image. Our MRI facility is ACR (American College of Radiology) accredited, which is required by Medicare. American College of Radiology Logo

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