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Physical therapy in Chicagoland

Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals that utilize hands-on evaluation and treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions such as sports injuries, work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents and Medicare. Our licensed physical therapists provide outpatient physical therapy and specialize in preventing, correcting, and limiting physical disability and pain. They also increase biomechanical function of joints and muscles through various therapeutic modalities and strength/flexibility rehabilitation. More people are looking to physical therapy as an alternative to prevent surgery or medication. Our Physical Therapists help people of all ages return to normal function after an injury or disease. They also develop individualized rehabilitation programs designed to prevent re-injury or exacerbation and to slow the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease, and other causes. Our Physical Therapists also advise our patients with proper body posture and motion mechanics.

Physical Therapists at Advanced Physicians have obtained a 5 year degree of Physical Therapy and most have continued for a minimum of 2 years to obtain their Doctorate degree. The Physical therapy academic program focuses on functional anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and therapeutic exercise and modalities. Our Physical Therapists specialize in but not limited to muscle strength and conditioning, athletic training, movement system balance, post-surgical rehabilitation, taping techniques, and acute sports medicine injuries.


  • Myofascial Release
    Specific massage techniques to alleviate muscle pain and associated soft tissue inflammation.
  • Stretching
    Stretching improves ease of movement, posture, reducing injuries and making your muscles lengthen much more efficiently.
  • Moist Heat
    Increases blood flow in injured areas, thereby enhancing the healing process.
  • Ice
    Decrease vascular flow in the tissue thereby enhancing the healing process.
  • Traction
    A treatment that creates joint movement through mechanical motion by stretching muscles and ligaments.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    Stimulates an injured area to reduce pain levels and dissipate inflammation.
  • Ultrasound
    A deep heat treatment that promotes healing by increasing blood flow. It may also be used to move fluid (inflammation) from an injured area.
  • Joint Mobilization
    Passive movements of spinal and other joints to reestablish normal motion, increases flexibility and diminishes pain levels.
  • Taping/Strapping
    Devices used to protect and stabilize injured areas to promote healing
  • Pediatrics
  • Dry Needling
    A special intramuscular manual therapy clinically proven to reduce muscle pain and resolve impaired movement.


Physical therapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation is the most important part of our conservative treatment plan. Through the results of our computerized range of motion and muscle strength test, our therapists provide various rehabilitation methods to achieve the goals of each patient. The purpose behind each rehabilitation exercise is to increase biomechanical function, endurance, and stability to the injured joint and muscles. We wish to educate our patients with the necessary rehabilitation exercises to maintain strength and flexibility on their own. Hence, the overall goal for our patients is to provide a home exercise program thereby preventing further injury and optimizing muscle and joint function.