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chiropractic medicine in chicagoland

Chiropractic Physicians are licensed health care professionals concerned with the differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal disorders, and the effects of these disorders on the nervous system and general health. At Advanced Physicians, Chiropractic Physicians use natural and conservative methods of treatment and respect the human body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic care involves manual joint manipulation (“adjustment”) of the spine or extremity which restores biomechanical joint function and its effects of those muscles and nerves surrounding those joints. Chiropractic Physicians at Advanced Physicians also have the ability to order any diagnostic testing such as MRI’s, x-rays, EMG’s, NCV’s when necessary. Chiropractic Physicians at Advanced Physicians help direct and manage the treatment plan for our patients.

Chiropractic Physicians at Advanced Physicians have attended at least 9 years if professional education: 4-5 years of undergraduate studies and 4-5 years of doctorate of chiropractic program. Chiropractic colleges have a 4-5 year professional curriculum similar in content and structure to medical education. Many of the basic science textbooks are the same as those used in allopathic medical schools. The chiropractic college program translates to over 4800 hours of intense training focusing on applied anatomy, physiology, joint biomechanics, physiological therapeutics, nutrition, and radiology. Several of our chiropractic physicians are certified in acupuncture, sports medicine, neurology, taping techniques, custom foot orthotics, pediatrics, kinesiology and advanced soft-tissue mobilization techniques.