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What kind of appointment do you need?

Select a tab for a more complete description of the different types of appointments available or proceed directly to the form below. Questions or prefer to book by phone? Call 815-836-3799.
The free consultation is a 15 minute injury screening, including up to 2 x-rays (also no charge), when indicated. For those who have not had a physician’s diagnosis or would simply like an opportunity to speak with a doctor without worrying about insurance or a referral, the free consultation is your opportunity to get an x-ray and learn more about how the Advanced Physicians team may help you. Patients who elect to proceed from their free consultation to any recommended treatment or further diagnostics receive priority with same-day appointments, when available.
MRI appointments require a prescription. If you do not have a prescription and would like a doctor here at Advanced Physicians to determine if an MRI is indicated, please include a note in the space provided on the appointment form.
The first step with all physical therapy patients is their physical therapy assessment. Even if you already have a diagnosis and/or prescription for physical therapy, this is the type of appointment to select to BEGIN your therapy. 
Choose physical therapy treatment if you have already completed your assessment and would like to schedule your next appointment.
All chiropractic appointments can be submitted by using the form below.
Advanced Physicians provides every physical therapy patient a free follow-up visit. Select this type of appointment if you completed your course of therapy. The purpose of the post-rehab visit is to check on your progress and prevent setbacks. 

Patient Intake Form
Physician Referral Form

Fill out my online form.
For your convenience and to save time when you arrive for your appointment, you may want to download and complete the new Patient Intake Form at home. If you prefer or are unable to print the form, you may complete them when you arrive.

Do you need a physician’s referral for physical therapy?

You do not need a physician’s referral for your initial screening. However, if physical therapy is indicated, your physician or one of our physicians will need to provide a referral.

What can I expect on my first visit?

The initial examination consists of a thorough history, a postural analysis, orthopedic & functional examination, diagnosis and treatment that usually lasts approximately 45 minutes. Subsequent visits are less than 30 minutes.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

  1. Completed paperwork (optional).
  2. Wear comfortable clothing.
  3. Any imaging scans and reports (MRI, X-ray, MR Arthrogram, etc.).
  4. Insurance information.
  5. Most recent laboratory data.